Are You Ready for Surgery?

Are You Ready for Surgery?


You went through a long process while deciding on popular obesity surgeries such as sleeve gastrectomy surgery. You have tried to lose weight many times, but you could not achieve the desired result. Then you started to think if I could have the surgery. You searched the internet, on social media, asked those who had surgery, you were often hopeful, sometimes afraid.

Don’t worry, this is a normal process. Almost all of our patients go through these routes. The decision-making process for surgery varies from patient to patient. Some make quick decisions and take action, while others wait for years. After all, you can have surgery when you feel ready.

So why does it take so long to decide? The issue that makes people think the most when deciding on obesity treatment is to change their current order. To lose weight, you have to eat healthy and exercise. However, it is more fun to eat calorie foods and lie down and rest. This is where you need to get yourself out of your comfort zone. You will make this decision.

Operations such as sleeve gastrectomy are performed with a closed method and with very low risk. The operation takes an average of 30-45 minutes. The patient who comes to bed can stand up and move on his own after two hours. Patients now know the surgical process very well. Therefore, the fear of surgery is almost a thing of the past. What patients fear is stepping out of their comfort zone.

“Now my weight is making me unhappy, I am losing my health, I have to do something.” the moment you say you are ready for surgery. In other words, you are aware of the effects of obesity on your body and comfort. Now is the time to contact us.