Intragastric Balloon

What is intra-gastric balloon?

Gastric balloon is a non-surgical weight loss method. Feeling full quickly and for longer time is targeted with the gastric balloon. The balloon takes up space in the stomach. It allows less food to be taken. Thus, it helps you reach your desired weight.

How is the gastric balloon inserted?

The gastric balloon is inserted under endoscopy. The procedure is performed under sedation anesthesia. So it starts after you sleep. After the inside of your stomach is checked, balloon will be inserted. The process takes about 10 minutes. You can return to work after 30 minutes.

How is the gastric balloon removed?

The gastric balloon is removed in our hospital in Izmir, again under sedation. First, the balloon is emptied. It is removed by holding it with a special tool. A liquid diet is required for a few days before the procedure. After the balloon is removed, you can continue your routine life.

Who can get a gastric balloon?

The gastric balloon will stay in your stomach for a long time. For this reason, when we decide on this procedure, the patient’s request alone is not sufficient. The patient’s body mass index, chronic diseases, and past surgeries are effective in making the first decision. However, the procedure can be started after the stomach is evaluated by endoscopy.

Who cannot have a gastric balloon?

Gastric balloon occupies space in the stomach and provides feeling of fullness quickly and for longer time. In order to see this effect, the stomach must be ready. The stomach is checked with  endoscopy. Gastric balloon cannot be inserted in patients with gastric ulcer, gastric hernia and severe reflux complaints. These problems need to be resolved first. After the problem is resolved, the balloon can be inserted if the stomach is suitable.

Will the gastric balloon burst? If so what happens next?

Gastric balloon is a product made of sturdy plastic suitable for the body. The probability of the gastric balloon bursting is low. However, if the balloon is left for a long time, there may be a possibility of bursting if foods that will damage the balloon are consumed. If the gastric balloon, which is inflated with liquid, bursts, the urine color changes and gives a signal. In such a case, contact us quickly. The balloon can stay in the stomach or pass into the intestines. It can be removed naturally, or it may be necessary to remove it surgically.

How much weight can I lose with a gastric balloon?

How much weight you will lose with the gastric balloon depends on your weight and compliance with the rules. The goal is to lose at least half of your excess weight. If you eat healthy and do regular exercise, you can get rid of all your excess weight.

What are the risks of gastric balloon?

We can group the risks of gastric balloon as those during the procedure and those after it. There are risks associated with anesthesia during the procedure. These risks vary according to the health status of the person. While the risks are very low in a healthy individual, the risk is slightly higher in those with important diseases such as heart failure and respiratory distress. If the balloon is over-inflated or the stomach wall is sensitive to the balloon, ulcers may develop on the stomach surface. Nausea, vomiting or abdominal pain may occur for the first few days after the balloon is inserted. These effects can be relieved with drugs. Very rarely it may be necessary to remove the balloon early.

How is nutrition after gastric balloon?

Nutrition program after gastric balloon is prepared by our dietician. The first few days are given liquid, then puree nutrition. Afterwards, normal nutrition is resumed. With regular controls, both your vitamin levels and body analysis are followed.

Does a gastric balloon work effectively?

The effect of the gastric balloon varies from person to person. It is evaluated according to the individual’s expectation and compliance with the program. Our goal in gastric balloon treatment is to lose at least half of the excess weight. If the patient does not comply with the nutrition program, does not exercise and does not contact us, he/she cannot be successful. They may think that the balloon is not working. It is not the balloon itself that will make you lose weight, but the effect of the balloon. With the gastric balloon, you will be fed more controlled and you will be full with less food.


Are there types of gastric balloons?

There are three types of gastric balloon in our country. 6-month balloons are the most preferred and the most affordable balloons. 12-month adjustable balloons and 4-month swallowable balloons are less preferred.

How much are gastric balloon 2022 prices?

Gastric balloon 2022 prices vary according to the medical center where we perform the procedure and the type of balloon. You can contact us for detailed information.