RNY Gastric Bypass


What is RNY Gastric Bypass?

RNY gastric bypass is one of the oldest bariatric surgeries. Before sleeve gastrectomy surgery was developed, it was the gold standard treatment method. It is a method that has been applied to millions of patients and its effects and results are well known.

RNY Gastric Bypass is a method in which the stomach is reduced and combined with the intestine. In this surgery, it is aimed to reduce both food intake and absorption. Rapid weight loss is achieved as the patient consumes fewer calories. It is a long-acting surgery.

How is the RNY Gastric Bypass applied?

RNY Gastric bypass surgery is performed with a closed method. Preoperative analyzes are completed. The stomach is checked with endoscopy. The patient is taken into surgery. It is entered into the abdominal cavity by making 5-6 holes. The size of gastric is reduced to be smaller than your palm. Most of the gastric and duodenum are disabled. The second part of the small intestine is cut and joined with the stomach. A new pathway is made between the intestines for the bile to pass through. The operation takes an average of 1.5 hours. Patients can stand up and walk 2-3 hours after the operation.

Who is eligible candidate for RNY Gastric Bypass?

RNY Gastric bypass can be applied to patients with 2nd and 3rd degree obesity. However, sleeve gastrectomy surgery is more preferred today. RNY gastric bypass surgery is now rarely chosen as the first choice. Today, RNY gastric bypass surgery is recommended for those with severe gastric hernia or reflux, those who need revision surgery, and those with severe diabetes.

What are the risks of RNY Gastric Bypass?

It is a more complex and difficult operation compared to sleeve gastrectomy surgery. Especially in patients who smoke, the risk of gastric ulcer is high. Dumping syndrome after eating is more common. The risk of leakage and bleeding is higher. Intestinal knotting, gallstones, incisional hernia can be seen.

What are the prices of RNY Gastric Bypass?

RNY gastric bypass surgery is an operation that requires experience and special devices. The cost of the operation varies according to the hospital where the operation will be performed, the materials used and the experience of the surgical team. You can contact us for detailed information.